“Trained to the Hilt ...There is no lack of energetic fighting and action-packed adventure here”


"One crusader had his jaw split in two, his arm sliced off and an arrow through his neck before being finally finished off with a blow to the front of his skull... A bucketload of glorious dramatisations of Crusaders and Saracens going at it hammer and tongs while making ferocious "Aaaarh!!!" noises."


"Impressively choreographed martial arts... Virtuoso fight scenes”


"The Fight Scenes Are Beautifully Choreographed 


"Brings to life the men who fought at the Battle. With every sword slash comes a new insight." 


" Having worked with some major Hollywood fight directors, it's little wonder that the level of physicality on display is of such a high level. With the momentum and continued action held up throughout as the cast members rally and hammer at each other with little held back, it brings a level of genuine excitement that is rare in dramatic theatre."



"In pre-production Joe meticulously planned and tested each stunt while sourcing performers and weapons to fit our budget. On set his advice was invaluable, from knowing which angle to best catch the action from, to rehearsing with the actors so that they felt confident and comfortable. Throughout all this his eye for safety never wavered and when plans did change he was quick to adapt and find solutions. Joe is also a highly likeable person; this added to his abundant talent made him the best man for the job"

Alan Jay - IMDB Co-Fouder and Film Producer

"Joe came with us to Morocco and choreographed all the fights for 'Crusaders: Back from the Dead'. He was a pleasure to deal with and his work was exemplary throughout. In a short time frame he produced a number of dramatic, varied and inventive sequences that really made the film come alive. I will definitely employ him again whenever I need an fight coordinator"

James Tovell - Television Producer & Director

"Joe is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. He had done his homework and came well-prepared to our film,  a very talented Fight Coordinator."
Sloane U’Ren: Art Director & Director